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"Building an automated offering is not straight forward and requires careful consideration around your business model, client segmentation, service levels and agreements, profitability analysis, which is why so many advisory firms choose Acutus™ to help them build their 'Self Invest Portal' because of our joined up thinking around all advisory business considerations."

There is no doubt that face to face advice has and we believe will continue to have a place.  However, times are a changing and we believe that advisory cost pressures are on the horizon and firms must plan to protect against such future changes.  For certain types of client and segments of an advisory business, an automated advice offering could save time, regulatory burden and increase profitability...


Nowadays, clients are all more aware of the need to provide for their financial futures, and to fit in with their busy lives, clients are increasingly more comfortable with researching and buying products online.


If your advisory firm is looking to offer a restricted advice/remote offering to it's clients and is looking to offer a straightforward, affordable way for clients to buy protection cover and have decided that you don’t want to offer face to face advice to a segment of your clients (existing or new), then taking advantage of our 'Self Protect Portal' service module may be the answer.  You can find our Self Protect fact sheet here.

"So, your clients can be safe in the knowledge that their investments will continue to mirror your firms/clients chosen risk level and objectives, are protected and you can always communicate with your clients via secure messaging through our Client Portal. What’s more, your clients will benefit from an easy to use automated process to ensure that their investments are matched to their personal preferences and requirements."

a simple way to invest

A simple and straightforward way for your clients to buy protection

  • Firstly, clients will be asked some questions about their circumstances and approach to protection, so your firm can find out about your clients needs and match any protection solution to your clients specific goals.


  • Then, based on what your clients tell you about their cover requirements, affordability, and cover duration, a suitable product type will be recommended. 


  • If a client is happy with your recommendations, they can apply straight away by inputting personal and medical information, with a simple, secure online payment. Or if a client has any queries or want to talk to your firm about their choices, they will be available to do so at the click of a button. Clients can interact with your firm online via email or your website - enquiry form/contact details.

  • Clients will receive an illustration and simple suitability report as a record of the process, confirming their input, the charges/monthly costs and the recommended provider. This service and functionality is subject to any existing back office integration and may require considering one of our preferred back office systems, which provides access to the ‘Client Portal.’

"So why not let us show you how your clients purchasing products through automation could work for your advisory business..."

Call today and speak to one of our business support team, email us or complete our enquiry form and take advantage of our no cost, no obligation initial review service !

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