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"Acutus is committed to providing a joined up and cohesive service offering, which would not be complete without a range of research solutions."

Here you will find access to all the research service module elements your firm may require to operate efficiently and compliantly.

Some of the following services and features come complimentary when you choose other service modules and/or one of our compliance service modules.

  • 'Evolve' Business Planning - Use of business data to help target growth areas as well as eradicate areas costing your business.

  • Business and Adviser Management Information data collection and reporting.

  • Protection and life assurance quotation portal.

  • Product, investment and discretionary fund manager due diligence documentation.

  • Centralised Platform & Investment Proposition design and build.

  • Life Assurance/Critical Illness research, comparison and reporting portal.

  • Product Wrapper Compare Portal - Research and compare existing pension and investment products against alternative solutions.

  • Investment Fund Compare Portal - Compare existing pension and investment funds or portfolios against alternative solutions.

  • Investment Fund Charges Compare Portal - Analyse OCF/total costs of existing and proposed funds, helping justification around advice and adviser charges.

  • Para-planning services.

  • Defined benefit pension transfer service.

  • Added value functionality to support professionalism and a higher level of servicing and compliance.

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