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"Acutus™ and the firms we work with want and expect much more from investment platforms."

"Whether your looking for a platform that offers - a full suite of wrappers with a cost from 0.15% (ISA, GIA, SIPP, Auto Enrolment, Investment Bonds), the ability to deal electronically via your back office system, end to end business processing, functionality to incorporate model or discretionary portfolios or an automated direct to consumer offering, we can help you achieve rich time saving features and terms that fit your business."

Setting up a clients multi product wrapper account within 10 minutes, having plan valuations pulling into your back office system daily, accessing Management Information 24/7 without having to phone a product provider and saving time has never been easier with our platform solutions. 

Here are some of the valuable rich features you can access through working with us Acutus™ to design your platform proposition.

  • Better firm and client experience at low cost from 0.15% across all product wrappers.

  • No need to sit hanging on an antiquated providers phone line for 30 minutes to access plan information.

  • Enhanced service offering.

  • Ability to uplift adviser remuneration or reduce client costs.

  • Access data 24/7 online - firm, client, plan, fund, transactions.

  • White labelled platform and documents.

  • Enhanced brand awareness.

  • Client on boarding with digital forms, typically within 10 minutes per client.

  • Adviser Dashboard - A single view of your clients assets alongside transparent portfolio data.

  • Firm Client Portal or Platform Customer Dashboard - clear and intuitive dashboard designed to help your client manage their goals.

  • Bulk client on boarding.

  • Create client data straight from your back office in one click.

  • Account transfers via digital signatures.

  • Bulk provider product transfers.

  • Auto Enrolment platforms for corporate advisers or employment benefit consultancy firms.

  • White labelled reports - Illustrations, Account Statements, CGT Reports, Annual Tax Vouchers.

  • MIFID II compliance - 10% fall trigger, charging disclosures, illustration formatting.

  • Tech reliability - We only work with platforms that use future proof tech and/or own their own proprietary software to avoid potentially significant business disruption.

  • Avoiding the pitfalls faced as Life Companies sell off elements of their business, which can result in poor firm and client support, increasing administrative costs.

  • Client MIFID II review functionailty - easily generate product/fund/fund management charge disclosures in % & £ and reports to make a client review possible at the click of a button within minutes. 

  • 'Nice to Haves' - Goal setting and cashflow forecasting, personalised portfolio forecasts.

  • Pension transfers - A single Illustration generated to show projections with and without adviser charging to aid an FCA compliant research process.

  • Investment Solutions - platforms that let your clients invest in model portfolios and other discretionary portfolio managers provided via Acutus™ Financial Solutions.

  • 'Self Invest' or Robo-Advice Solutions - direct to consumer automated model with new business case saved in your back office (client on boarding, factfinding, AML, risk profiling, portfolio recommendation, illustration, product T&C's, premium payment, suitability report).

  • Transactions - manage funds, portfolios, withdrawals, regular deposits/withdrawals within minutes. 

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