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"Firms often find it difficult to get to grips with the fact that growth can be achieved solely through existing assets under management and by revolutionising business processes..."  

Once you understand your target market, maybe through the help and support of Acutus, then you may want to explore how to truly promote and grow your business through our marketing services. 

At Acutus we see now more than ever due to regulatory and technology advancements, the importance of an advisory organisation setting itself apart from the competition, efficiently squeezing every ounce of profit from its resources, based on a purely 'client centric' focused approach & methodology. 

"We help firms achieve a real buzz at a time when it may seem that all regulatory change is negative, affecting profitability.  We believe quite to the contrary that regulatory change, where understood, embraced, through utilising proven tools and techniques, change offers positive opportunities for any professional advisory organisation looking to develop and grow if you only know how.....  Acutus™ Financial Solutions provides the know how!"

Our support comes through many forms and here are just some of the extensive services and features we provide to help firms increase profitability, reduce costs, enhance brand awareness, whilst enabling firms to demonstrate value in their service offering and fees charged to clients.

  • Client Base Assessment 'Value Check'- Client segmentation, average value per plan/household, service level/proposition review.    

  • 'Resources Assessment' - Understand where business value comes from, where costs and resources can be saved.
  • Business model design.
  • Compliance Function - Assess services required and compare against existing/alternative costs.
  • Website design and build - fit for all client types/life stages, content, SEO, videos, blog, news page, integration of marketing material.
  • Service Cost Comparison - Demonstrate to clients the value you bring.
  • Suite of white labelled marketing material - client servicing documents, promotional brochures, product guides, website news page, videos. 
  • 'Self Invest' Portal - Allow specific client categories/segments to purchase investments/pensions online through an automated process.
  • Protection and life assurance Portal - Enable clients to purchase term assurances, critical illness, life assurance through an automated process.
  • Back office system - Many time/cost saving features, ways to communicate/service clients remotely, client portal so clients can view all plans/assets real time, access client portfolio reports at press of a button.

Our marketing module is one of the numerous ways we help firms.  However, typically this knocks on to requirements in addressing other areas so why not take a look at our client servicing, investment & platform proposition service module pages...

Call today, email us or complete our enquiry form and take advantage of our no cost, no obligation initial review service !

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