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"Not always an area advisers see as adding value but an essential part of a firms continued professional development, streamlining how managers, advisers, admin support staff access and complete CPD and ongoing training is key in keeping on top of your staffs annual competency..." 

We help firms use technology that can save further time and money.

It is important to ensure that a firm and its advisers have a strong framework in place and ethos around continued professional development (CPD) as well as a robust centralised system in place to log all CPD using technology to enhance its effectiveness. 


To help support this Acutus™ helps firms build their own centralised CPD system setting out a yearly training programme for its staff relative to their status and role with supervisory permissions to manage staffs monthly CPD completion.


Let's take a look at some of the innovative elements and features within our CPD and training modules :-

  • 'Your CPD' - A portal for all staff that sets out a programme of specific training modules and assessments.

  • Setting criteria - CPD module frequency, duration per CPD module, pass marks, actions on failure, feedback function, notifications to managers. 

  • Revision material - staff specific and alternative material for staff looking to expand knowledge.

  • Supervisor courses.

  • SM&CR.

  • Regulatory updates & events.

  • T&C Management.

  • Training events.

  • CPD events.

  • Investment events.

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