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"A financial advisory firms back office system is usually seen as the backbone of its business.  However, few firms use a back office system to its full potential or understand how to unlock the 'power of client data' and the value this can bring to a business.  A good back office system and its use can help transform a companies advisory service proposition."

This service module starts by understanding - your people, your culture, your views around client engagement, business planning objectives both administratively and from a longer term development perspective.  In addition, what processes or indirect advisory feature 'add-ons' could make a firm more efficient, compliant and profitable?


With more and more product providers potentially looking to target and market to your clients direct, now has never been a better time to strengthen your brand, create greater engagement and steer clients to your centralised white labelled 'client portal' where they can view *live valuations, *plan information on all their assets 24/7 from any device without having to see a product providers brand.

Firms often contact us to help them implement their back office system from scratch or to support them in squeezing as much as they can from the system they currently use, assuming this can deliver on their objectives.


Here are just some of the many areas we help firms looking to operate as a modern, compliant and efficient business develop and grow through the effective integration and use of an innovative back office system :-

  • Client data migration - accurate personal and plan information.

  • Brand recognition.

  • Business process models and workflows.

  • Paperless office.

  • Implementation and setting of Service Propositions & Fee Models in conjunction with your Acutus service proposition module.

  • Client Communication (non face to face) - how to set up and deal with clients , via recorded phone interview, recorded video interview.

  • Branded Client Portal creation - Make your brand the only brand your clients see.  Give clients access to all plans, assets and live valuations, bank account information through your own white labelled portal.

  • Marketing - create a wider marketing database in conjunction with your Acutus website module.

  • Segregation of new business/regular review workflows and documentation - easily access a particular advice case and associated documents without multi advice pieces merging into one.

  • Access to a library of advice suitability reports per your business type.

  • End to end paperless business processing.

  • Business transformation.

  • Regular Portfolio Review reports - generate a report as a complete portfolio and/or per plan detailing start/end dates, premiums, withdrawals, total growth £/%, ave growth per year £/%.  All accessible within less than one minute, at any time and at the press of a button. 

  • Integration with your own robo - advice, self invest, direct to consumer investment advice offering in conjunction with Acutus centralised investment and platform proposition modules.

  • Integration with risk profiling software including reports automatically created in back office system.

  • Integration with advice research software including reports that can be created in back office system.

  • Seamless Systems InterActivity - The use of API (Application Programming Interface) technology between back office, research, quoting systems and product providers for seamless generation of reports, quotations, new business paperwork into your back office system.

  • Getting your business 'Fit For Sale' projects.

  • Enhancing a business's intrinsic value.

  • Business acquisitions.

  • Fee Reconciliation - Understand clearly how much you earn (or not) per client/plan from the press of a button and how to use data to grow fee income.

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) efficiencies.

  • Value added efficiencies - time, resources and costs.

  • GABRIEL reporting.

  • Fact Finding and money laundering processes.

  • Interaction with new business researching and creating a firms own centralised investment and platform proposition.


Why not take advantage of a review of your business to see where Acutus can help you generate additional value and potential revenue in many of the above areas ?

*Live valuations are subject to providers supporting regular or daily valuations and plan information being held with on a firms back office system.  Therefore discussions may be required around our client servicing, investment proposition and platform modules.

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